Our Philosophy


Our purpose is to improve our patients’ lives by increasing strength and decreasing pain. We strive to provide a friendly, enjoyable environment, with excellent service and top-notch professional physical therapy care. Located on beautiful Orcas Island, we work to help our neighbors and visitors overcome their physical challenges so they can fully enjoy an active island lifestyle.


Whether exercising our patients, scheduling appointments, or preparing hot packs, we always perform our duties to the best of our abilities. We serve our clients the way we would like to be served.

Individualized Care

We develop a treatment plan that is unique to each individual. The cause of your knee pain may not be the same as your neighbor’s, and effective treatment should reflect that. At the heart of this plan is a philosophy of treatment based on one-to-one care.

Preventative Care

We are fully committed to prevention. A dollar spent on prevention is worth a hundred spent in recovery. We welcome patients who are proactive and interested in following up with preventive care. We believe in the value of an annual physical therapy assessment. Like a regular check up with the doctor or dentist, we think this will be a normal part of PT practice in the future.

Patient Satisfaction

Our patients are a guiding voice in our treatment plans. We would like nothing more than to help you help yourself. While we create these programs, patients often contribute to the process and their feedback is encouraged and welcomed.


Responsibility for recovery and wellness lies with both the therapist and the patient. Individuals who actively participate in their own healing process are those who heal the most quickly. Our responsibility for quality of care, information dissemination and fair pricing is critical. Patient responsibility lies in understanding how their individualized care will be covered financially and participating fully in at-home exercise programs when necessary.

Our Team

We offer the services of the most professional staff available. Our team is committed to providing the best service we can offer, and our therapists and support staff work together to provide the most streamlined, integrated, and personal care possible.

When I started with you, I had a 90 year old body in a 71 year old frame. Thanks to Nancy and Jen, I have progressed to a 60 year old body in a 71 year old frame. Nice atmosphere, good people. Thanks!


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